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Wall panel welding machine

Views: 99     Author: Site Editor     Publish Time: 2018-03-06      Origin: Site

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Product Description:
1.Wall panel welding machine adopts electrical synchronous control technique both separate-phase welding and welding time is composed of digital and integrated electric circuit.This operation is accurate,it is stable,firm welded spot is firm and without weled tracks.

2.The cross and line wires are fed from coils.

3.Wall panel welding machine is equipped with precise equipment for weft cutting and position,so the length of wefts is identical and regular,it is unnecessary to slice the side.

4.Mesh pulling system adopts elastic tension link and openig positioning device,it is easy to regulate the mesh hole and mesh opening size is rather accurate,welding aperture could adjust randomly with range.Not only welding speed is fast but also it is easy to learn and operate.

5.The finished product can be in coil or in panel.




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