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Our Sales Team

Mr.Jeremy Liu, Sales&Marketing Manager
Jeremy Liu joined Secure-Net as part of the sales team in 2014 and serves as Marketing Manager in Sales for Secure-Net Machine,  
Jeremy served sales for wire mesh machine since 2009, working his way through the operations and marketing 
divisions of wire mesh industrial circle. 
Jeremy continues to be genuinely focused on meeting the needs of clients all the wrold . As proven over the years, he applies a diligent approach 
to getting things done and moving sales career proactively and securely into the future. Both Jeremy Liu and his brother, Bill, truly care about their sales career,
 its effectiveness, and more importantly, its impact on our representatives. Jeremy received a Bachelor’s of Science in Business Administration in 2008
from YanShan University.

Director of Business Development
Mrs.Marrisa serves Secure-Net Machine as  Director of Business Development.
 Marrisa joined Secure-Net Machine in 2013 and brings more than 10 years of successful marketing and recruiting expertise to
 the firm. Previously, he served as Senior Sales Manager for Secure-Net Machine Co.,ltd, responsible for sales strategy and recruiting
 efforts . Prior to Secure-Net Machine, Mrs.Marrisa served as Senior Vice Director of A welded mesh fence company,
 responsible for overall recruiting efforts of the firm. She is originally from the wire mesh hometown,AnPing, and graduated from Hebei Radio and TV
 University with a degree in business