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About Us

Hebei Secure-Nett Fence Facility Co., Ltd.  Founded in 2000, is located in Anping, famous as production base of wire mesh in China.
To meet the need of market economy development, Secure-nett established a specialized team with plenty of experience, which devoted in researching and designing steel wire mesh machine devices. Now Secure-net has developed into an integrated entity with R&D, manufacturing and trading.     
Main products of Secure-nett :
Full Automatic Wire Mesh Welding Machine , New CNC Wire Mesh Welding Machine , Concrete Reinforcing Mesh Welding Machine,Mechanical Mesh Welding Machine,Automatic Building Wire Mesh Welding Machine,Breed Aquatics Welding Machine,Welded Wire Mesh Machine,Barbed Wire Machine,Automatic Chain Link Fence Machine....
Since the products have been put on the market, its good automaticity, stable movement and convenient operation obtains consistently high praise and approval. Welcome the new and old customers carry on the broad cooperation with us, the mutually beneficial interaction, creates new magnificence.
By now, our business has extended to many areas in China, such as Beijing, Shanghai, Tianjin, Chongqing, Guangdong, Fujian, Sichuan, Henan, Shanxi, Mongolia, Heilongjiang, Hunan, Zhejiang, Hainan etc. Our products have been exported to over 30 countries and areas like America, France, Germany, Italy, Russia, India, Pakistan etc.


 1988----established a repair department, Main business is to promote gas, tire repair and electrogas welding.
 1990----Start repairing motor
 1991----In addition to repairing  motors, the company developed agricultural machinery and researched and manufactured several plows for arable land.
 1992----Research and production of thresher, in the same year, it sold more than 20 units and responded well. Since the market prospect was limited, it stopped production.
 1992----The number of submersible pumps in rural areas had gradually increased, so they had to contract submersible pumps.
 1993----In order to improve the technology of submersible pumps, we went to study and inspect the manufacturers in Xuzhou. After completion of study tour, technological progress, and increase in business volume, the main business was changed to repair submersible pumps and motors. Staff increased from four to six employees.
 1994----Started research on production spot welding machine and wire straightening and cutting  machines, product were sold in Anping county, laying the foundation for current machines research and manufacturing.
 1994----Introduce transformers, filters, and other equipment to start adding new services and repairing transformers
 1995----Increased Transformer Repair Shops and increased staff to 8.
 1996----Researched and manufactured of mesh repairing machines, rectifiers, and mesh bending machines, and the development of electric control cabinet of wire mesh welding machine in the second half of the year, with the number of staff increased to 15
 1997----Purchased 10000㎡ land as new factory in NanGuan.
 1998----The research on mesh repairing machines, rectifiers, and electric control cabinet of wire mesh machine had matured and the number of production had increased. Products have been sold to places like Guangzhou.
 1999----Developed Mesh Panel Welding Machine and stainless steel welded wire mesh machines. The sales network was gradually expanding and orders were increasing.
 2000----Moved into a new factory and officially produced electric control cabinet of wire mesh welding machine and related wire mesh machinery. At this time, the number of production personnel increased to 20, and the number of personnel in the repair department was 10.
 2001----Participated in China's first AnPing wire mesh international fair and attract many international customers
 2002----In the spring , 16 sets of wire mesh welding machine export contracts with customers in Indonesia were signed and delivered on schedule. The number of personnel quickly increased to more than 40, and professional designers were added to start making drawings for wire mesh welding machine before production and archiving.
 2002----Added new warehouse, technical department, sales department, electrical workshop, machining workshop, division of labor gradually clear
 2002----Purchased 20 acres of industrial park land as new factory.
 2002----R & D and manufacturing of circular pipe mesh, mixed welder and brick force mesh welding machine, the products are exported to all parts of the country
 2003----The new industrial park was planned, and it was prepared to design and construct a 10-mu steel structure workshop.
 In the same year, it developed a light steel structure workshop, introduced composite board processing machinery, and processed and produced composite panels.
 2004----Our factory moved into the new factory area of ??20 acres in Anping Industrial Park.The division of labor is clear, the functions of various departments are perfect, and the company develops rapidly.The number of personnel has increased to 120.
 2005----The CACX software was purchased and used.
 2006----In June 2006,The fence project was started and put into production.
 2006----On September 21, 2006, the automatic steel mesh welding machine exhibited by our company at the 6th Wire Mesh Expo of Anping attracted many customers' attention.
 2006----On October 30, 2006, the company's "Steel Wire Welder" enterprise standard was released and implemented.
 2006----On November 25, 2006, the ISO9001 quality system certification was passed, and the product was changed to the production and service of “rebar mesh welding machine”.
 2006----On November 26, 2006, it organized production with the Shule Sheban project in Thailand and exported more than 100 containers.
 2007----The company successfully developed the CNC tube cutting machine and the coal support network machinery, and attracted the attention of many foreign customers at the 7th Wire Mesh Expo in Anping.
 2009----In July 2009, he registered Hebei Secure-Net Fence Facilities Co., Ltd.
 2009----In September 2009, the company obtained the "Quality Certificate for Mass Production of Traffic Engineering Products" and the ISO9001 Quality Management System Certificate.
 2010----In January 2010, the company obtained the customs registration certificate for import and export goods consignees and consignors, and has the right to import and export.
 2010----In May 2010, the company obtained a new patent for the 'A fence connection extension' of the National Patent Office. The patent number is ZL2000920156634.2.
 2011----In 2011, he obtained the trademark registration certificate issued by the State Trademark Office.
 2011----In 2011, the registered capital increased from 5 million to 25.88 million, and the business scope increased the research and development, production and sales of wire mesh machinery.
 2011----In early November 2011, he negotiated a joint venture with a Mexican customer. In November, he held a signing ceremony in Beijing and officially signed a Sino-Mexico joint venture agreement.
 2012----In May 2012, I successfully applied for 100 mu of land in the Eastern District of the Industrial Park.
 2012----In July 2012, the foundation stone laying ceremony was held in the new factory area of ??the East Zone of the Industrial Park, and construction began on the same day.
 2012----In November 2012, the 12th Wire Mesh Expo exhibition prototype and automatic gripper were successfully launched.
 2012----In November 2012, he signed a signing ceremony with Mr. Chen of Malaysia and Mr. Wang Guanghua of Guangzhou Guanghua Metal Products at Anping Convention and Exhibition Center.
 2013----April 2013 application for approval as a trusted website
 2013----In October 2013, the 13th Wire Mesh Expo exhibition prototype (automatic wire feeding) was successfully launched.
 2014----In July 2014, the company moved to the new factory in the Eastern District of the Industrial Park.
 2014----The 14th Wire Mesh Expo in 2014 developed and produced a fully automatic CNC welding machine
 2015----Obtained safety production standardization certificate in March 2015
 2016----Registered capital increased from 25.88 million to 58.8 million in January 2016



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